Our online Intruder courses are prepared by experts who are professionals in their area of expertise. Many of us in The Key Puncher Private Investigation And intruder Services are more interested in the fun in succeeding in penetration of any secured space and at the same also block access to any space we secure. We have lots of online students who are now part of our team and some on their own.

We don't only give the tutorials and materials but also give our studends dark websites to find specific intruder tools and every related intruder codes which is the most important thing after learning how to use those tools. Dark websites change every now and then,hence, we make available updated, new and changed dark websites URL to interested students and graduates. We always provide you with up-to-date knowledge on IT security and ethical intruder. By joining us, you become part of a great international community, willing to help you and discuss.

Our courses are prerequisites to each other which means you have to successfully master a course to proceed to another. We accept genuine certificate and proof of mastery in any of our courses from another intruder school to proceed to higher courses with us.

Some of the students took part in prominent international IT contests with great results.Authors of our courses are well known in the world of computer systems' security

Hear from some of our students and Graduates
  1. Although I have privy knowledge about intruder programs but studying with the keypunchers explored my mind. I really gained more than what I knew. It’s so fortunate to be part of this. Lee : China
  2. The experience I garnered during my study made me exceptional in all category of intruder even any program.As everyone know the process involved in the technique of computer are of differ stages. But I am certified and ready to face any intruder challenges anytime. My boyfriend can’t play o me as he knows I can track his brand new phone even without working internet or wifi. Thanks to KP. Isabella : Mexico
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Our Courses :
  1. The complete guild to Linux ; amateur to advanced
  2. Basics of rootkits and stealth mode apps ; creation, securing and penetration
  3. Brute force password cracking ; from scratch to pro
  4. Wireless , Theory, procedure and practice
  5. Transmitters interception ; how to intercept and clone transmitted data
  6. Mobile phone and computer network intruder mastery ; Theory and practical techniques
  7. Spoonful bypass ; finger prints and facial recognition bypass mastery.
  8. Cybersecurity and penetration testing ; anti Spyware networking and vulnerability leak blockage
  9. 2FA bypass ; Theory and practice
  10. Binary retrieval ; Recovery of lost bitcoin wallets access without 12 phrases.

We treat every project with a unique approach and fresh thinking.